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This process is extremely time consuming and is greatly reflected in the price. All firearms for restoration will be priced on a per gun basis with starting prices listed. Guns for restoration will be studied so that all polish lines, color, and overall look and feel will be maintained. Your firearm will be photographically documented. This is performed to provide the customer with a record of the before and after of the firearm. Gun will be disassembled all parts to be blued will be hand polished to there original luster. This is accomplished with stoning and sanding blocks, keeping all the corners screw hole and lettering as sharp as the day the firearm was built. Screws are repaired and polished. We continually check to ensure the parts that are not blued stay that way. We want the project to look just as it would off the assembly line. This is the key to our restoration process and we pride ourselves at being able to achieve this on most blued guns.

The main objective in restoring an old firearm an old firearm is to maintain the firearms original form. For example, if the metal finish is to be restored, the original finishing process should be implemented, if it is know. If the original finishing process is not known, one of the processes of the period in which the firearm was originally produced should be applied. The original process of assembly should be applied to all parts of the gun. 

For wood, any missing parts should be replaced with original parts, if available. If not available, try to obtain reproduction parts that are authentic as possible

When it comes to restoring the gunstock finish on obsolete and antique guns, however, it's an altogether different story. First of all Bose's Guns must do extensive research on the firearm to know which type of finish was originally used. Then we must mix the formula for the finish and find out how it was applied. Finally, the finish must be applied as authentically as possible.

Restoration Only Free Estimate & Free Ship Back Promise*
Occasionally, we will receive a firearm that we cannot save. If we receive a firearm for" restoration estimation” and it is deemed to far gone to save or you don’t want to move forward with the repair or restoration, we ship it back free. That is our promise!

You will receive a written estimate on all work recommended on the firearm for full restoration. In order for work to begin, we require a written approval by the owner of the firearm.

Free Ship Back Disclaimer
*”Free Ship Back” on all restoration only applies to “restoration” work that is deemed beyond repair or if the restoration estimate is not approved to be completed. The free ship back is not valid for all other repair or rebluing items. In order to continue or restoration services, all firearms being returned to customers will have a maximum of $1,000.00 insurance.  Additional insurance will be at the expense of the customer

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