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Boseís Guns offers Heavy Zinc Phosphate Parkerizing Finishes. Parkerizing, or phosphate coatings, have been used for years in various forms due to their oil trapping, non-reflective characteristics when used in severe weather conditions. Typical Parkerizing finished color is dark gray but may vary based on the type of alloy in the steel. Color variations are achieved primarily by use of different lubricants such as Cosmoline, linseed oil, gun oil etc.

Bose's Guns also offers Manganese Phosphate Parkerizing Finish. This finish is one of the most durable in the industry. The manganese will give a coarser and more porous finish than other phosphates. This finish also meet standard mil-spec MILL-STD-171 for small arms finish. If extreme use is what you need this is the finish for your firearm.

The Scientific Process of Parkerizing
Phosphate coatings provide an excellent surface for holding a rust inhibiting, or lubricating compound. Oil is absorbed by the microcrystalline structure, and has the effect of a lubricant reservoir, which aids break in of friction bearing surfaces. Whereas, untreated surfaces of steel are unstable and corrosion-prone. Phosphate coatings are much more resistant to the elements. Phosphate solutions consist of zinc, manganese, or iron, dissolved in carefully balanced solutions of phosphoric acid. When a ferrous type, or reactive metal, is placed on the phosphate solution, a light acid etching takes place. Shortly thereafter, depending on the accelerators used, a micro amount of metal is removed from the surface, and a hydrogen process takes place, which in turn precipitates a phosphate coating on the steel, which is integrally bonded to the metal.

Once applied, the coating can now act as a corrosion resistant to the metal, as well as improve wear resistance. The time and temperature of immersion can be critical, depending on the amount of solution used, as well as the identity of the metal being treated. Zinc Phosphate treatments will generally produce a crystalline deposit of hydrated zinc phosphate compoundís on the base metal, and normally have a coating range between .05 to 1.5 um in thickness, and can vary in density and porosity. The variability of density and coating thickness is not a reliable indicator of the corrosion inhibiting qualities of the finished product. The appearance of the zinc phosphate coating is a gray matte finish, with the shade varying somewhat, depending on the chemical composition of the treatment bath, and the amount of ferrous material in the metal. The zinc phosphate coating has outstanding corrosion resistance. This occurs because it provides a chemically inert and insoluble barrier.

The Parkerizing Process:

1. Complete Disassembly and Inspection of Parts
One of the most important parts of the operation in regards to the function of the firearm. Parts are inspected for wear or damage and the customer is advised on what it will take to put the firearm back to 100%.

2. Degrease and Chemically Remove Blue/ Rust From All Metal Surfaces That Will Be Blued
This is a key process in removing and stopping rust in all areas. Polishing will not reach into the internal parts of the firearm this is where chemically removing the blue leaves the part true to its original dimensions with the blue and rust removed.

3. Metal Finish
The firearm is ready for the desired finish, which for this process the parts will be bead blasted.

4. Chemically Cleaned Metal
The parts are soaked in a slightly alkaline detergent cleaner that is formulated particularly for cleaning guns prior to Parkerizing. The solution removes and suspends all grease, dirt, and built-up crud. The soak is strong enough to do the job right, yet safe and harmless to the steel and us. All parts will leave this step surgically cleaned, which leads to a beautiful finish. 50% of the problem with Parkerizing can be traced back to the cleaning process

5. Flowing Water Rinse Tank
Strangely enough, clean, clear water that is safe for drinking is not necessarily safe to Parkerize with. Here we use charcoal filters to make sure we have no contaminates in the water that will mess up the chemical balance of the Parkerizing solution. We use this tank to remove any traces of the cleaning solution.

6. Hot Parkerizing
This tank is the only tank that has to be stainless steel. Otherwise, the Parkerizing solution would parkerize the tank instead of the parts. The solution in the tank is made up of 4 oz. of Parkerizing solution per 1 gallon of water. The tank is held at a temperature of 160-170 degrees. The parts are suspended in the solution and allowed to react. We turn the parts periodically to get an even treatment. Parts are in this tank for about 40 minutes.

7. Flowing Water Rinse Tank
This is the same tank as above except, we are rinsing off the Parkerizing solution from the parts. Once they are done in this tank, each part is thoroughly inspected to ensure the Parkerizing process is perfect.

8. Dry
All parts are dried.

9. Post Treatment Solution Bath
This part of the process seals the Parkerizing.

10. Wipe Down
Wipe excess oil off the parts with soft cloth and reassemble the firearm

Time required to perform these steps will vary depending on the type, age, style and condition of the firearm.

Our experience in this industry will allow us to answer your questions and take care of the majority of your needs. The services we offer may require us to see your firearm in order to quote a price. You can send us pictures via email and/or scanned pictures.

Please contact us for an estimate or for more details on getting an estimate today.

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