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 How We Restore A Firearm



How We Restore A Firearm

Here Is How We Determine If A Firearm Needs To Be Refinished or Restored

In the refinishing process, the first step is to fully inspect the firearm for any defects that will prevent the project from being a good overall candidate for refinishing or restoration. Dents, scratches, missing parts and sometimes the pitting or the wear on the firearm has become so great, that the overall appearance of the firearm cannot be saved.

Other key things to look at would be the rifling. If the rifling is shot, there is little hope of keeping the firearm original for a restoration project. But, if it is a family heirloom, where the firearm will not be fired again this is less important. If the bore is shot-out and it’s a firearm that will continue to be used, rebarreling or relining the bore is an option.

Shotguns with pitted bores that the pitting is deep enough that it cannot be removed with honing become a lost cause. These are but a few points to consider when buying or thinking about having a firearm restored.

It is still possible to find good examples of older firearms that a full restoration will bring them back to 100% but they are getting harder to find.

Another sign that the firearm is going to need help is the lettering. If it was stamped light at the factory, worn off or it has been blued before where the previous attempt at polishing has left the lettering stretched and shallow. All of the problems to do with the lettering can be address with engraving.

The wood on the gun is another key factor. Is the wood to metal fit still good? Or has it been sanded to the point were it does not have a good fit and is the checkering still there? Has the stock been cut for a recoil pad or butt plate missing? Has the stock been repaired before?

All these points must be considered if you are planning on purchasing a firearm for refinishing or restoration.

To Restore a firearm or leave it alone

Here is the question that everyone will battle over till the end of time. To the collector the answer will always be, they have to be originals to be worth anything “untouched”. I for one believe that a 98% to 100% gun that is 100 years old and has never been touched is truly a find and worth a premium. To find a firearm in this condition is like finding the Holy Grail. Outside of a collection, finding this is getting next to impossible.

So why is Firearm Restoration looked down upon; making the firearm worth 60% of its value according to the so-called Grail hunters? Because if you don’t tell them they don’t know, other than it looks to good to be original. This of course is the best complement we can receive on our work.

Here at Bose’s Guns we pride ourselves at reproducing the original polishing lines and finish on all of our restoration jobs. If you are the type of customer wanting to have the firearm restored to 95%-98% quality, we can use techniques to age the finish to give it that “used just a little finish” or leave it a 100% museum or show quality. The choice is up to you because only you will know.

Wood Restoration
Restoration of the metal is only part of the process. The wood on the firearm is next. Chemically removing the finish and cleaning the wood is the only way to ensure a minimal amount of wood will be removed. We remove all dents by steaming the piece and use minimal sanding techniques to remove blemishes in the wood. These techniques will keep the stock in the original factory dimensions while still looking new. Original color and finish are maintained as well as the checkering. The wood is brought back to its original sharpness.

I Think My Stock is Too Far Gone
Bose’s Guns has the technology to take the unsalvageable stock or forearm and make it into a pattern for duplication. If at all possible the original wood will be saved but in the case that it cannot be saved this option will maintain the original dimensions of the stock.

Checkering Skills
Checkering can be recut to the original pattern or changed to a more elaborate pattern. Many options are available. The lines per inch are only limited to the type of wood used.

Bose’s Guns has developed many techniques that not only maintain the integrity of your firearm, but also keep it as a collector’s item. We have worked with many collectors over the years, making the restoration seemingly invisible to all but the most knowledgeable collector.

We also pride ourselves in doing all work in-house nothing is farmed out. This is our way of controlling the integrity of our work and keep to strict deadlines. We know that you do not want to be without your firearm for years. This is why we do whatever it takes to keep turnaround time to a minimum while still providing the best work.

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