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Rebluing Finishes



Rebluing Finishes

Most of the firearms manufactured in the last 30 years were never polish by hand. Most were polished on buffers and sanders. With considerable skill these guns can be rebuffed and polished back to there original luster and reblued. This process still takes quite a little time but is much faster than the restoration process. This is the reason for the price difference. There are four different qualities of polishing in the refinishing process that are available at Bose’s Guns

Matte finish or Standard
Bead blast exterior surfaces or polish to #240 grit (disassemble, clean parts, blue, oil and reassemble). The Bead blast finish will come out a flat matte similar to a parkerized finish. This is a good finish for the firearm that is going to get extreme duty or use, holds up well.As for the #240 grit polish this will be the finish that you would see on Winchester model 12. These two processes will catch most guns that were designed with the hunter in mind.

Deluxe Finish
Polish exterior with #240 to#400 grit polish with all screw holes and corners protected and square, (disassemble, clean parts, blue, oil and reassemble). This polishing process has a higher luster that the standard as seen on most earlier Browning shotguns. All screw holes are protected; corners and edges are maintained for sharpness.

Master Finish
Same as Deluxe finish with all polishing marks removed, finished to #555, polished to a mirror finish. (Disassemble, clean parts, blue, oil and reassemble) This cannot de done on guns with excessive rust). This polishing process is as close to black chrome as you can get. All screw holes are protected; corners and edges are maintained for sharpness. Polished to a mirror finish you will be able to see yourself in this one. Firearm will have to be in fairly good shape to be able to have this polishing technique used, as any flaw in the metal that cannot be removed will be very noticeable. This finish is not for all guns but does set off that custom built firearm.

Fact:  Most rebuing jobs that can be easily noticed as being a reblued gun is the fact that the polish is to high of a luster on the firearm. Most of these guns were never polished to a mirror finish and is a dead giveaway.

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