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Semi-Auto Handgun Work



Semi-Auto Handgun Work

Semi-Auto Handgun Work

Complete Clean, disassemble, safety check, oil, and reassemble


Drill & Tap frame for scope mounts


Semi-auto pistol action job: Clean & smooth action, not including any parts


Tighten slide on 1911 style


Fit barrel to 1911 style:

Non-ramped barrel


Ramped barrel


Fit and install barrel bushing on 1911, does not include cost of bushing


Bevel magazine well of 1911 style frame (bluing additional)


Checker front strap of 1911 style frame:

20 lines per inch


30 lines per inch


Lower and flare ejection port (bluing additional)


Polish barrel and feed ramp


Fit custom trigger, does not include cost of trigger


Fit custom hammer, does not include cost of hammer


Mill slide for low profile rear sight


Mill slide for front dovetail sight


Install stake on front sight, does not include sight


Install extended magazine release, does not include mag release


Modify frame for beavertail grip safety, does not include safety or refinishing


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