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Shotgun Work



Shotgun Work

General Shotgun Work

Complete Clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble

   Pumps Rem 870 or Moss 500 or similar


   Autos Rem 1187 & Beretta 391 or similar


   Win 97, Rem 11ís, Bwn auto-5's and similar models


   Doubles & O/Uís


   High grade Doubles & O/Uís with sidelocks


Cut, crown and reset bead (New Bead additional)


Cut and crown only on single barrels


Cut and crown O/U or SxS


Drill and tap for sight bead (one)


Drill and tap for sight beads (two, same set up)


Install rifle sights on plain barrel (includes Remington sights and matte bluing)


Drill and tap for top mounts


Drill and tap for side mount (starting at)


Open choke to your specs (all gauges) price is per barrel


Open choke on chrome bores (10, 12 & 20)


Lengthen chamber to 3"


Lengthen forcing cone


Replace Rem. 870 ejector & spring without rebluing the receiver

(parts additional)


Includes fitting the rivet flush and rebluing the receiver (parts additional)


Resolder shotgun ribs (Please see the gunsmith for a quote)


Remove dents and straighten barrels at customer risk (please bring in for quote)


Inlet to drop or raise stock on 870, 11/87, 303, 390 etc.


Custom Stock Alterations

Clay Shooters, give yourself an edge by having your stock customized to your sport. A fully adjustable comb or buttplate gives the correct fit and point of impact to be right on target every time.

Adjustable Combs Installed (A)

Let our Gunsmiths install hardware that makes any wood stock fully adjustable for comb height and angle. This hardware allows adjustment in all four directions - up, down, right and left, allowing you to get the custom fit youíve been looking for. (Requires permanent alterations to the stock) Standard installation leaves the comb wood finish as is. 

Standard Adjustable comb installation


Adjustable comb hardware


Graco Adjustable Buttplate Installed (B)

Offers three-way adjustment for perfect gun fit, higher scores and improved shooting comfort. Length, drop and rotation are easily set to any position with Gracoís threaded tube design: Standard Graco Adjustable Butt Plate installation (labor only)


Graco Adjustable Butt Plate hardware


Recoil pad of your choice is additional.

Gracoil Compression Buttplate installed (C)

The GraCoil is a compression buttplate with a pad adjusting plate for side-to-side, up and down, and pivotal adjustment. It easily adjusts for light to heavy loads and reduces recoil to a minimum. The Length of pull does not change when adjusting tension, and maximum stroke length is 5/16Ē, which produces a response time hardly detected, for no distractions between shots. Moving parts slide on Teflon liners for trouble free motion. All aluminum and stainless steel construction. GraCoil installation (labor only)


Standard GraCoil hardware (adjusts up, down, left, right and pivots)


Length of pull GraCoil hardware (adjusts in, out, up, down, left, right and pivots)


On both Gracoil units the recoil pad of your choice is additional

Recoil Pad and Buttplate Instalation

Pad and buttplate installations include length of pull of your choice. Lengthening will be an additional charge. Standard recoil pad and buttplate installation (labor only)


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